How do I add my Currencies Direct card to Apple Pay?

Written by Currencies
Updated 8 months ago

You can add your Currencies Direct card to Apple Pay via the Currencies Direct app, or your Apple Wallet.

To add your card using the Currencies Direct app

  1. Open the Currencies Direct app
  2. Go to the ‘Card’ section in the app
  3. Tap “Add to Apple Pay” (just below the main card controls)
  4. Follow the steps to verify your card

To add your card using your Apple Wallet

  1. Open your Apple Wallet
  2. Scan your card (or enter the details manually)
  3. Verify the card with an SMS code 

After you add your card to Apple Pay, you might see a small charge on your account (it may even be 0 GBP).

This is just to check that your card works, and it will be released back to your account quickly.

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