How do I find the IBAN number for my payee?

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Usually if you’re paying an invoice, the IBAN will be shown on the invoice. If you're not sure what the IBAN is, it's best to ask the person or company you're paying.

What is an IBAN? 

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number.
IBANs make it easier to send or receive funds from overseas. They don’t replace your sort code and account number; they contain extra characters that help overseas banks identify your account.

What do IBAN numbers look like?
Here’s how an IBAN might look for a bank account in Germany:

IBAN (electronic format)

IBAN (human-readable format)
DE95 1234 6789 0987 6543 21

What is a German IBAN number made up of?
DE  95  12346789  0987654321

[2-character Country Code]
[2-digit IBAN Checksum]
[8-digit BLZ (Bankleitzahl / Sort Code)]
[10-digit Account Number]

See information on IBANs for specific currencies in our currency guides.

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